Acrylic Bath Systems, Tubliners & More ... Choose from a variety of different products and wet- wall bathroom applications that best suits you and your individual preferences.

Acrylic Bath Systems

Acrylic bath systems have been the secret of every major hotel and motel chain for decades. The biggest names in hospitality and comfort choose acrylic because of its durability, mold resistance and very low maintenance.

 Our custom manufactured tub or shower liner and wall system can be
installed over an existing tub and walls—usually in one day—with no messy tear-out. Plus, our exclusive MilGuard™ protection means your new bath will remain mold and mildew free for the life of your home.

Tub To Shower Conversion

For families with special needs, we offer a wide variety of custom and standard sizes to easily convert a bathtub into a huge walk-in shower.
We remove the tub and fit the new shower unit into the same place.


The Business of reglazing has existed for over 40 years. During this period, the type of coatings have evolved dramatically, providing better sheen and resilience. Gloss white bathtubs remain the most popular however Bath Factor can change the color of your bathtub or ceramic tiles to suit your style. Kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities can be resurfaced with a solid color or with Stone-Flecks Tm